WestJet: My Favourite Feel Good Campaign

I’m a bit of a sucker for a good viral video, especially if they make me laugh out loud or bring a tear to my eye.  If I had to choose one company who tug at my heart strings every time it is WestJet, an American airline who create the most fabulous videos that have gone viral in an instant.  Some of THE BEST feel good campaigns in the world are the ones that WestJet have created, especially their Christmas videos, which really continue to maintain and build on their reputation as a friendly and caring company as well as having a positive impact on their website hits, bookings and revenue.  You might be wondering why I’m talking about Christmas when we’re only in July, well to create campaigns with such a huge impact, WestJet actually start their planning in August.  At least they have done for the last two years and I sincerely hope that those in their PR department are have another on their agenda this year too.

Last years campaign was INCREDIBLE.  At 25 years of age, I still love Santa.  I’m a believer; there’s just something about good ol’ St. Nic that really makes Christmas feel so magical and brings people together.  When I first saw the WestJet Christmas Miracle video, I couldn’t help but beam with happiness and if was in America and I’d needed a flight that day, theres no doubt in my mind who I would have booked with!  Check out the video below:

The video was created to show the world that the owners of WestJet care at such a special time of the year.  Virtual Santa kiosks were set up at different airports and passengers were asked what they wanted for Christmas.  As they boarded the plane, 150 WestJet employees worked their socks off to make their Christmas wishes come true and when they got off the plane, the passengers were surprised with their gifts wrapped up on the baggage carousel.  Hidden cameras captured scenes of tears of joy and laughter as the passengers were surprised beyond their wildest dreams.  You can watch a case study of the results of the video here:

The WestJet Christmas Miracle video was uploaded to Youtube on 8th December 2013 and Twitter and Facebook updates amplified the reach that the video had through the use of hash tags and propelled the video to viral stardom.  WestJet were the number one trending topic worldwide with millions of people from all over the globe interacting with the company through social media as well as watching the video.  The result was amazing for business but it did more to rocket the reputation of the company with so much positive publicity.  An American news channel even hailed it as ‘the perfect lesson on how to do public relations’ and I couldn’t agree more.

What I also really admire about WestJet as a company is that the way that they really engage with social media, and their ever increasing audience, to really shout about the good work that they do and what they stand for as a business.  They’re their to be profitable but they’re also their to give back and do some good in the world.  I love watching how passionate the Vice President, Richard Bartrem, is when speaking about WestJet in this video:

He comes across as a fabulous representative of the company.  What he is saying is believable, honest and you can relate to it which would definitely increase a customer or potential customers trust in WestJet.

The year prior to the WestJet Christmas Miracle, they created a Flash Mob in an airport (check out the video here) and over the years they’ve created some fantastic videos, not just at Christmas time.  Give their Youtube channel a watch to really appreciate the PR genius that goes on in this company.

In the meantime, I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see what they do this year… Ho ho ho!

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